Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Keeping clean

The Lord instructed his people to “organize yourselves; … establish a house, even … a house of order, a house of God” (D&C 88:119). Order is characteristic of the Lord’s work. “Mine house is a house of order, saith the Lord God, and not a house of confusion” (D&C 132:8).

I'm naturally an organized person. I can't tolerate clutter for very long and a good deep clean makes me happier than most things. Lately I've been thinking about organization, cleanliness, etc as it relates to our relationship with our Father in Heaven. I have figured out that it matters, but I haven't learned much about how I'm supposed to achieve it. Then I found this post, and not only do I LOVE it, it answered my prayers. It applies to me even if I don't have kids. This section especially spoke to my soul:

"Mom has to be engaged in the process to ensure quality control and to teach organization. Mom establishes the level of order and continually enforces it. She provides a place for everything. She doesn't fill her children's lives with mountains of things to take care of. She keeps it simple. She limits the number of shirts and shoes and toys her children have to deal with so that their lives are manageable and then she helps them manage."

I have to be involved in the cleaning process (how I wish I could only rely on the cleaning lady), I need to have a place for everything, I don't fill my life with unnecessary items that have to be taken care of. I keep my life manageable. I am responsible for creating and maintaining a house that reflects the Lord.

Ok, so that was a little deep. But it's what's on my mind.


  1. I appreciated this too, thanks for sharing.

    I am slowly needing to learn that my future roll as a stay-at-home mom is just as valid as my husband's will be as he makes the money that will sustain us. I never thought I'd have a hard time with finding validity in this role until we got married (I'm not positive I won't work entirely, maybe just 1 day a week, I'm blessed to have a flexible job). I read once, in a Suze Orman book, about how, in a stay-at-home-mom-household, both partners need to agree that the mom's role is just as important. That dad makes the money and mom makes the home environment desirable. The part of the post you shared tells me more about HOW to fulfill my role.

  2. Aw man, I need to be a WAY better cleaner/organizer. Sure I do fun stuff with the kids but keeping the how clean makes EVERYONE happier. I'm working on that.

    Loved this post & Steph's comment about mom making the home environment more desirable.

  3. Love that post Linds. I have to say I had a very proud moment today when we were walking into Costco and Robby was frantically pointing and saying, "mom! MOM!" There was a napkin on the ground... yes, trash. So I picked it up and threw it away and he was relieved. This reminds me I need to continually set a good example for him and how to do that!!! I feel such a difference in my home when it's clean and organized than when it's messy and gross!

  4. Linds, could you please post some pictures (perhaps a comprehensive tour) of your new home? I hear it is beautiful. Thanks, Tami