Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

I did my first real home repair today - patched holes in my wall. I'll judge my success once they're painted...right now they're a little scary.

I love the clouds in Utah. Driving up the bench in Provo today the sky was unreal so I pulled over to take pictures. The dang iPhone doesn't do the situation justice...I just need to drive around with my SLR.

Mary and I bought the same sandals in Hawaii and I've been slow to try them out...boy I'm glad I did today. I may wear them every day for the rest of the summer.

I saw Robin Hood tonight with Jeremiah, Micah, Dallas and B Money and it was thoroughly enjoyable. The storyline is the prequel to the traditional Robin Hood story and I loved the early peek at the characters' relationships. I'm a sucker for understanding motivation.

Coming home to this just makes me smile. So cheesy, but I love knowing people are watching over my little house and keeping it safe.


  1. sandals are super cute - perfect for summer!

  2. Those sandals are cute! I like them! And I want to see Robin Hood. Heck, I'd take just about any movie right now. i sure like going out to movies.