Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm a pretty lame blogger. Not only do I post inconsistently, I never play the tagging game. I'm not sure why (maybe my dislike of games in general?) but tags don't get my mind going. If I want to post I'll post, I don't need a to do list in order feel motivated. I'm breaking tradition because my first ever roommate Brooke (picture below) tagged me recently and since I not only didn't see her when I was in Texas, I also didn't call her back when I promised I would, it only seems right that I play along.

Rory, Edward, Spencer, Brooke

My 8 Favorite TV Shows
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Brothers and Sisters
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Sorry...that's all there is. I don't watch much tv.

My 8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Joe's - Vegas or Chicago, I love both.
2. Murray's - in Minneapolis but when I need a good steak this is what I crave
3. Happy Sumo - the APX roll was the first sushi I liked (how appropriate) and now I love most of what I try.
4. Dick's Drive In - the burgers and maple nut ice cream are worth a trip to Seattle. Seriously.
5. Chef's Table - I dream about the steak salad.
6. Cafe Rio - so cliche, but that chicken salad is some of the best food ever.
7. Harvest at Thanksgiving Point - a new favorite. Post to follow.
8. Barbacoa - Tara thinks I'm nasty but I love foods all mixed up together and this place does so perfectly.

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1. Got home from Halloween party at Spark (google Spark Provo restaurant, it's new and hip).
2. Slept in. It was glorious. Remember how great my bed is?
3. Organized my bathroom.
4. Went to lunch at Harvest with Mary. We lead a charmed life.
5. Shopped for couches in Salt Lake with Mary. Post to follow.
6. Went to The Secret Life of Bees with Mary.
7. Went to Cracker Barrel with Mary.
8. Fought with my phone. Stupid picture message would not display.

8 Things I look Forward To
1. Getting my wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday. Sometimes "looking forward" = "dreading."
2. 11 days in Hawaii in December
3. A new car in 14 months
4. Buying a house sometime in the next year.
5. Decorating my house before I even buy it. Hence, the couch.
6. Christmas!
7. Going to Celine Dion with Alicia!
8. Hanging out with Tara tonight.

8 Things I LOVE About Fall
1. The chill in the air
2. Cinnamon smell everywhere I go
3. Cute fall clothes that I have been packed away all summer
4. It's not the summer. APX folks get this, the rest of you may not.
5. Rain. One thing I miss about Maryland is rain storms and fall in Utah is about the only time I see them.
6. Dreaming up Christmas presents for my inner circle. I love giving gifts that get people excited!
7. Christmas music on 106.5. It started yesterday and even though Mary wouldn't let me listen to it I was really excited.
8. Sleeping with my window open and me snuggled in a big comforter.

8 Things on My Wishlist
1. Self control
2. Different presidential candidates
3. Less pain and suffering in the world
4. The perfect couch for me
5. Everyone to have a desire for and the ability to achieve financial independence
6. Enough money that I could spend all of my time and energy serving others
7. A successful fundraiser at APX so that we can adopt 250 families this Christmas
8. Everyone to have a glimpse at Heavenly Father's love for them

People I Tag
Anyone who feels like it

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hurricane Ike Video

Go here to watch the video made (and shown at the APX year end party) about our experience in Texas.