Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How do you know you're in Galveston?

There are boats everywhere that they don't belong.

18,761 pounds

Are you getting sick of me talking about how much I love my job? You probably should be. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop, it just means you can skip these posts...or you can come work for APX and then these posts will make you happy.

APX has periodically done food drives to benefit the Utah Food Bank. They have always been relatively successful (6,000ish pounds) but nothing exceptional. I lead our Employee Roundtable and the Helping Others portion of the group decided to do a food drive during August when our departments are still heavily staffed. We talked to the food bank and found that the largest donation ever made was 17,000 pounds. We're competitive people so we set a goal to beat the record.

18,761 pounds of food and supplies later we set a new record.

I'm continually amazed by how much our employees care about people - each other, our customers, families in the communities we do business in. You may be rolling your eyes right now, and frankly I don't really care, but if you worked with the people I do you would be gushing too.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Rick, Laurie, Kaitlin, Joslin, Karli, Jami, Lauren, Hannah, Emma, Alek, Claire, Kade

These pictures made me so excited for Thanksgiving at Farmer's...Alicia and James, are you in?
Farmers - per usual, you're beautiful. I'm excited to see you!

We made the news!

A sneak peek

I'm home, but my heart is still in Texas. There are no words for what I saw and was a part of in Galveston but I'll attempt to communicate it later. For now this picture and news story will have to suffice. For those of you in Utah our story will be on KSL and ABC4 today.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Fingers crossed

It looks like I'll be headed to Houston tonight assuming that all goes well in the office today.

The team in Houston posted a small update on their work here, I'm excited to finally be a part of it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Due to a change of plans at APX I am no longer headed to Houston. The other volunteers are going, so we're still going to make a difference, I just get to coordinate efforts from Utah instead. I am sad to see a project I've worked so hard on march on without me but ultimately my goals were to reach out to a community we do business in and to give our employees a chance to serve and both are being accomplished.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm off!

After this nice, superficial post I am off to Texas to make a difference in the world. Go to apxgivesback.com to see our progress. It's nothing to look at yet but we'll be posting pictures and stories as we go.

The perfect mascara for me

For years I've used Double Extend Mascara from L'Oreal. I *think* they changed their formula recently because I've gone through 4 tubes in the last 2 months, all purchased from different stores, because the mascara has been pasty and clumpy. The frustration I felt every day as I put my makeup on led me to search for the perfect mascara for me. I emphasize that the products I recommend below will not be loved by everyone as I have discovered that mascara is the beauty product that people are most particular about.

Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara was recommended to me by a worker at Sephora in Seattle. I told her I was looking for a thick, waterproof mascara and she raved about well this lasts and easy it is to take off. I found her recommendation to be a good one. I love thick mascara because I curl my eyelashes before I apply it and so the mascara acts like hair spray - it holds my "style" in place. Thinner mascara acts like water on my lashes and they quickly go board straight. This isn't as thick as I prefer however if I let the wand sit out for a minute before I apply it's perfect. The wand is miniature so it easily gets all my teeny lashes and even though I use the waterproof version (I'm a spontaneous cryer so I don't have an option) it's remarkably easy to remove. Down sides: only comes in black and I can't apply it straight from the tube. It's not perfect but it's close enough for me.

I generally don't find that expensive mascara is any better than the drugstore brands so in my hunt I didn't exclude the $10 and under crowd. Someone recommended the new CoverGirl orange mascara (I can't remember who so if you're reading take credit for this!) so I gave it a whirl and have been impressed. It's nice and thick, comes in brown/black and never clumps going on. Down sides: the wand is ginormous and sometimes I get it all over my eye. Because I own lots of q-tips I don't consider this too much of a problem.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Life lessons

I was going through old posts updating my labels (is there a better activity for a lazy Saturday morning? I think not.) and came across this one and it literally made me start to cry. For some reason this picture best reminds me of how hard that 2 week period of my life was and when I see it all I can do is cry. Memories of the pain are hazy and the days' events are thankfully chronicled on paper because I certainly don't rememer them but what endures vividly in my heart and mind is the forced humility having my toe cut off subjected me to. I'm so grateful for life lessons.

For those of you wondering how my foot looks these days (probably only my mother falls into this category), here's a glimpse at her.

We're not back to this but we're making progress. I'm getting some Mederma to helpfully reduce the ugliness of the scar.

Fall bedding

I'm thinking of this set from Pottery Barn for my fall bedding. What do you think?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Do cjane's updates on Stephanie and Christian leave you wanting more? If so, go here.

Thanks for the recommendation Danielle!

Mama Mia - Sing Along Version

I finally saw Mama Mia, the sing along version, with Esther, Olivia and Kaitlin on Friday night. We had such a good time singing LOUDLY, laughing at Pierce Brosnan's terrible voice (bless his soul for trying), and generally laughing out loud at the antics of the characters. If you haven't seen it, or only saw the normal version, I highly recommend trying the sing along.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


This week I'm headed here... ...with 90 people that volunteered to come with me from here...

...to help clean up this.

I feel blessed to work for a company that believes in helping others.

6 States in 10 Days

Stop 1, 2 (Maryland, Virginia): DC for my sister's wedding. My visit was short but I got to catch up with people I love that I have not seen in a long time. Highlights of the trip were seeing Kate and Jennifer, 2 very close friends that I haven't stayed in touch with.

Stop 3 (Minnesota): APX sponsored a meet and greet with Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention so we went to fulfill our hosting responsibilities (and perks!). I'm not a republican but figured this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I like the people that were going, so I went to learn more about America. We had a great time people watching, visiting a company we do business with, hanging out with Mitt for a few minutes, and hearing Mitt, Rudy Guiliani and Sarah Palin speak.

A few observations from the RNC:

1) The city of St. Paul was crawling with middle aged white men in dark suits. There was so much excitement in the air with everyone hustling and bustling around that sometimes I wondered what secret everyone knew that I missed out on. Like so many events attending the RNC is all about the parties you go to so people seemed to be there to be seen and to schmooze.

2) It's not a constant party. On TV you see people cheering, dancing, etc. Those are the few crazies in the crowd and most of the people there are sitting and listening contentedly.

3) The signs that people in the audience hold are made by the McCain campaign. They will not let you into the stadium with a sign and the posters that you see are passed out by event organizers. They all have large, clear print and many are in the same handwriting. I thought this was weird but on the second night of the convention accepted a sign from an eager staffer and waved it around like a maniac when the camera was on us. Am I a sell out? Yes.

4) Out in the halls and at the parties must be where the magic happens. In the halls there were so many secret happenings. I wanted to spy on one but was too shy. My nosiness was satisfied by peeking into the huddled circles where someone was being interviewed. The media all crowds around one person and effectively block the entire walkway - so I figured that I could jump in too. I didn't see anyone that I recognized but there were a lot of people that the media was excited to talk to. Stop 4 (Utah): I came home for a night and hung out with Liv and Es. Nothing like hours of conversation over chips and salsa about everything and nothing to make me happy.
Stop 5 (Washington): I flew to Seattle to go to the BYU vs. UW game. Micah, Rachel, Dallas, and Jeremiah came up too so it was fun a little reunion. Highlights of the trip were getting to know James better (I love that Alicia is dating him more and more every time I see him - all of you Utahns get excited to meet him in October), a really good life talk with Alicia and Jeremiah, hanging out at the Farrars', and high end shopping with Alicia and James (remind me why Utah doeasn't have a Tiffany & Co.).

Mariners game on Friday night

UW vs. BYU (Cougs won)

Me, Jeremiah, Alicia

The pretty bracelet I bought

Stop 6 (Nevada): I flew to Vegas for a lunch meeting with the architectural firm designing the new APX building. We ate at Joe's and I had stone crabs. Be jealous, they were delicious.

Monday, September 15, 2008

For Tara

Reason 4,985 that I love my job: our employees like their work shirts enough that they put one on their dog and pose. Awesome.
Wondering why this was donated to Tara? Perhaps because we work for the same folks? Or because she has a dog that wears APX shirts? Nope. It's because she asked me to post about something new.

For Tara

...and anyone else that needs a good moisturizer. I've used this for years and still love it. It's light weight, never greasy, and can be found at any grocery store. That's my idea of a great product.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Look what we did

APX is building a new campus and we broke ground yesterday. I got to do the actual ground breaking - don't I look good using a shovel?

Press releases if you want to read more:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I found this blog stalking

...and if I stole it from you I'm really sorry, I just don't remember who posted it. Anyway, it made me sad. So sad that when I was done reading I had tears in my eyes. We all talk about being honest like it's something we're actually able to do easily but clearly it's pretty hard for a lot of American women. Being the justifier I am my first thought was that this doesn't affect the culture I'm a part of but I realized that I'd just be fooling myself to believe that.

The older I get the more grey life becomes - the black and white of high school (should I smoke pot? no.) is gone and has been replaced with hard decisions almost all related to honesty that make the world a hard place to be. Thankfully I have learned that the responsibility I have to tell the truth does not change based on the situation, people involved, or what I stand to lose. This lesson was remarkably hard for me to learn but as I have seen the blessings come from being honest, even when I was certain my world was going to fall apart because of my choice, my desire to be honest in all my dealings has increased. I will all American women could learn this lesson - clearly it's needed.

This post is dedicated to Danielle. Not because she isn't honest, but because she so kindly asked for a post.