Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A solution to a vain problem

I LOVE makeup. I love the tiny pots of color, the brushes that apply the colors and the effect they have on my face. I have quite a healthy collection of eyeshadow, mainly because I like to get creative every once in a while and when I do, I want to have the colors on hand that I need.
I've always struggled with knowing the best way to organize my collection and have bounced between plastic baskets and a train case for many years. A month or two ago I went to Ikea and with some help from Tara and Mary found a rolling case that has the perfect lid for holding my tools of vanity.
Isn't that beautiful!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

For Lisa

While I disagree with Cheyenne and think that you should spend decent money on bedding if you find something you love, I understand your living situation. I love Ikea's bedding because it's reasonably priced however you really have to go to the store because their shipping is weird. Thankfully there's a store close to you (directions from your complex posted below) so you can check out what they have. I'll show you what I found online today, hopefully it's something you like.

My goal with my spring bedding (and wardrobe) is to take a risk - do something I wouldn't normally be brave enough to try. With that as my goal lately I've really liked the combo of orange and purple. Since this meant to be short term bedding a fun pattern could help mix up the usual seriousness of bedroom textiles. Cheyenne may not be a fan of purple in his bedroom but since it's the sheet color you don't see much of it so tell him not to be nervous. Ikea has quilts that are quite cheap that are made to be put in a duvet cover so I'd recommend buying one of the summer weight versions and then just tossing it at the end of the summer.

I find that most Ikea sheets aren't very soft with the exception of the Vila line. I have them on my bed right now and LOVE them. I would make sure you have 3 standard pillows (and purple cases for them) and 2 king size pillows (orange bedding comes with king size cases)...but I love pillows more than the average person.
Frisco Ikea

20.8 mi (about 31 mins)
1. Head west toward McMillan Ave 2.5 mi
2. Turn right to merge onto Dallas North Tollway N Toll road17.4 mi
3. Take the exit toward State Hwy 121/Headquarters Dr/Legacy Dr 0.3 mi
4. Merge onto Dallas Pkwy/N Dallas Pkwy Continue to follow Dallas Pkwy0.5 mi
5. Turn right at Ikea Dr 194 ft

If you decide you want to spend a little more money, and therefore keep the set longer, I'd get this set from Pottery Barn. Pair it with a solid sheet (look for sheets after you get the bedding, their colors are sometimes hard to match) and solid blanket at the foot of the bed and I don't think the print will be as overwhelming.
And finally, a couple of low cost bedding suggestions (which is what I think you were looking for in the first place):

Friday, April 25, 2008

My friends are back!

I sure missed Grey's during the writers' strike. I watched the new episode tonight and even though it was more graphic than usual, I was so excited to see everyone!

I'm thinking about cutting my hair

These are some of the ideas I've come up with...thoughts?

Really, it does take 2

You may recall that I recently put together a treadmill and noted on March 12 that "I survived the experience but came out with a few bruises." One of those bruises was on my right big toe and after a couple of weeks of TLC I thought I was back to normal. I never sought professional help because let's be honest, how often does toe injury treatment involve anything more than taking it easy, ibuprofen and elevation. Last night I looked at my swollen joint (see below) and realized, thanks to some diagnostic help from Liv, that my toe does have a real problem so I went to the doctor this morning. After a couple of hours in a doctor's office and hospital, I was diagnosed with "soft tissue damage." What does that mean? I need to take it easy, ibuprofen if necessary but thankfully, no elevation required.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Little black dress

Little, black, darling and arriving at my house shortly. Thank you Target.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The very best womb

Pray for the little baby inside this tummy and for her mommy. The next six weeks may be a little hard on both of them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

For Katie

Since you've admitted that you're a stalker, I can give you a shout out.

If you like these...
You should try these...

Or these...Sorry for the weirdo picture, the world wide web failed me.

Final answer

I bought the jcrew driving mocs today. Thank you all for offering your opinion. I appreciate the votes you placed even though most of you don't comment therefore I have no idea who you are. My thanks especially to Shahauna who helped me do what I knew I should have done from the start.

Friday, April 11, 2008

What about these?

I saw these in New York when I was there in December and fell in love with them, but not their price. Then Shauna commented that she loves her pair and now I'm thinking that I need to get them. They come in lots of colors but I'm in love with orange and yellow this season so I'd probably get one of those. They're like the Nordstrom pair but with a little less "mom" and let's be honest, that's a good thing for me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Alicia's visit

Alicia came to visit a couple of weeks ago and we had a great time together. We ate a lot of good food, saw many people we love, did a session at the Salt Lake temple, visited Brando at work, shopped until I dropped, hung out with Micah and Rachel in my bed for many hours and talked more than most people think is humanly possible. I love it when Alicia comes to visit, it's a girly good time!

I love to see the temple

Lish, Brando, Linds

Lish, Micah, Rach, Linds

Rach, Micah, Lish, Ash, Jeremiah and Linds

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dirty jobs

Here's where I spent a portion of my day - an APX storage unit that hasn't been opened in 4 years. To be fair I didn't do any of the dirty work (thanks Robby for ALL of your help) but I still had to be near the nastiness. It was sick.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Opinions please

I'm looking for a great pair of driving moccasins that I can wear this summer with shorts, capris or long pants. I've found the 2 pairs below, the first at Nordstrom and the second on Piperlime. They both come in more colors (check them out, they're cute) but I like the options below best. If you were me, which pair would you buy?

Boutique Nordstrom Milos Flat

Restricted Natalie Driving Moc

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Blog spotlight #1 - Bakerella

A really cool baking blog...and I'm so not into this sort of thing. If you know me in real life look forward to one of her delicious (and darling) treats showing up with me at a gathering in the near future. I'm willing to try something new if someone can tell me how to make it this cute!This is the first of a series of posts that I'm calling blog spotlights. I read a LOT of blogs and some are better than others. Not that I don't love a good recap of the life of a stay at home mom, but those are often only fun for folks that have some connection to the family. A lot of the blogs I read have day to day personal information about the writer but either the topics they post about or their writing style make them enjoyably even if you have zero connection to the poster; these are the blogs I'm going to share. I figure that I've "met" some really neat people with really neat hobbies via the world wide web so I might as well share the wealth through a full on spot light. You folks are more likely to check out a blog that gets the spotlight than anything in a long list of links and these blogs deserve the attention.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A baby shower...AP* style

Tara's having a baby in 8 weeks and since she is incredibly popular, AP* threw her a baby shower. Since Tara refuses to get on the ball and create a blog I'm posting pictures for those of you who know her. The shower was far from typical, it was a catered dinner at the AP* hanger in Provo and included a magic show and karaoke with a live band. Here are some of the highlights:

Beautiful decorations:

Lots of people that Tara loves and love Tara:

Todd, Andie and kids




Tiff, Cory and baby Emily

Erin, John and Kara


The Parsons

Ricardo, Magda and Viviana

Leslie, Casey and baby Gage

Fun presents:

And best of all, I was the one who got to take her to the surprise AND make her cry.

Skyview Reunion

I can't believe how old we are...or that two of us have babies!

Happy Birthday Robby!

I can't believe it has been a year since you were born...it seems like just yesterday that I got that 2 a.m. call to come meet you. I'm so glad you finally got over your intense dislike of me and that we have moved on to a relationship based on bribery - it's working great for me! You're so full of personality, I can't wait to see the person that you grow up to be. I love you!